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Calling Attention to Your Dream

The world is passively awaiting for you, to tell it, what you, want to do. 



Transforming Students

One student and one audience at a time, is how we can make a difference. My presentation "Never Let Your Dream Die" captivates, inspires, and empowers you to take explosive action towards achieving your dreams. 

Testimonies of Faith   Churches & Non-Profits

Without the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and the promise of salvation, life would be utterly meaningless. As part of spreading the message of the gospel, I have ministered to the homeless, initiated a Campus Crusade movement, and remain involved at my local church.

Special Engagements

Do you need a seasoned professional to Emcee your next event, speak at your next awards ceremony, or deliver an insightful presentation at your next seminar break out session?



Locked up deep inside of each person is a dream awaiting to be uncovered, that will launch you a transcendent life you have never imagined. Throughout every presentation and one on one interaction, my goal is to help ignite your passion and develop a plan of action, because life is too short to live in the fantasy of your imagination. 


I know the power and vitality encapsulated within a dream, because I could have surrendered mine. At the age of fifteen I had not yet discovered my dream activation. Desiring to fit in led me into making bad decisions during the heat of the moment. Years later, the same individuals I spent time landed in prison, the psych ward, and rehab, but my story ended up differently.

My second time in the back seat of a police car took place early on a Sunday morning. Before sunrise I met with a friend; a juvenile delinquent from Michigan to grab breakfast. Since we were both teens, we decided to steal bikes part way through our early morning journey. Literally moments after uttering the sentence "we could never get caught" we rode past an intersection where a maroon car was stopped at a stop light; who just so happened to be the step-father who purchased my friends bike. Afterwards, my parents forced me to church where I experienced a turning point in my life.

While making desirable changes to transform my story into one of adventure, I began to recognize the inspiring and persuasive impact that was beginning to unfold. I began noticing a compelling influence that I was making in the lives of others. The story of beating the odds and achieving paramount victories as an underdog had a tangible effect. My focus is to communicate from my experiences that many things are better off because of compromise, except ones dream.


Queens University of Charlotte
MA Communications 2018

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)
BA Psychology 2016

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College
AA Psychology 2014

Greater Johnstown High School


"Justin brings strong leadership qualities fundamental to his ability to stimulate ideas from his team. He motivates people to get involved and work for a common purpose."                       – John Cavanaugh Business Development Consultant

“I met Justin during his Presidency of the Student Senate at Penn Highlands Community College.  Justin is a remarkable young man that is passionate about setting a good example for others.  Justin had the foresight and passion to recognize the importance of strong leadership skill development for his Student Senate colleagues and together he and I developed a customized leadership academy that was well-received and immensely successful. “                                                                           – Jonna Contacos President HR Consultants   


“Justin Capouellez is a pillar to the Johnstown community. He has a record of being a highly motivated, hard-working individual that strives to better his community and inspire others to do the same.”                                                              – Thomas Chernisky Lead Cambria County Commissioner


"Tough lessons learned, potential in change realized, a future of hope envisioned and claimed.  Justin Capouellez's experience of how our lives can be enhanced through faithful perseverance will touch your heart and inspire your soul to welcome the fullness of God's plan for you."              –Tim Monroe Blairsville Presbyterian 

Media Attention

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How to Leave a Legacy



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